Nintendo: console market to grow to 445 million

If the "right game" game along, Nintendo thinks the number of gamers worldwide could grow to 445 million

A Nintendo rep has claimed that the worldwide console market could expand in the coming years to a whopping 445 million console gamers worldwide.

The claims comes from Nintendo of America's senior director of product development, Tom Prata, speaking at the Casual Connect conference in Seattle this month.

Prata revealed Nintendo's own internal market research, claiming that "if the right game came along," the current worldwide installed base of games consoles could grow by 150 million.

Join the party

30 million new game players have joined the console party in North America in the last two and a half years, bringing the current base of players to 143.7 million worldwide, according to the Nintendo man.

Prata claimed the worldwide active market size of console and handheld gamers was 295 million. So if we get that "right game" we could be seeing this expand to 445 million in the coming years.

Come on, Nintendo! Make that game!

Via Edge