Microsoft shows off seamless PC-Xbox-mobile X-platform game

Microsoft demonstrates the latest developments in its 'Live Anywhere' mobile-PC-console gaming strategy

Microsoft has been demonstrating a single game running across a Windows PC, a Windows phone and an Xbox 360, moving yet another step closer to achieving the 'Live Anywhere' vision that Bill Gates set out at E3 back in 2006.

Microsoft is set to really push the gaming capabilities of its new Windows Phone 7 Series, with Xbox and PC compatibility sure to be a massive selling point.

Cross-platform game development

Microsoft's Eric Rudder, speaking at TechEd Middle East, showed off a game developed in Visual Studio as a singular project with 90 per cent shared code that runs on Windows with a keyboard, a Windows Phone 7 Series phone with accelerometer and touch controls, and on the Xbox 360 with a gamepad.

The simple platform game is a clear indicator of Microsoft's longer term strategy in gaming – cross-platform development made as straightforward as possible for third party developers.

You can stop your gameplay at any point on any of the three devices and pick it up at a later date on any of the devices.

The Windows Phone 7 Series version of the game was shown off on a prototype ASUS device.

Via Engadget