Microsoft shows Forza 4 head-tracking demo

Kinect is set to appeal to the hardcore crowd at E3 2011 with Forza 4 and a new Star Wars Kinect title both highly anticipated

Hardcore gamers have a tendency to dismiss motion control as a 'casual' gaming technology, although the new Forza 4 Kinect head-tracking demo released from Microsoft this week may well make them re-consider this particular prejudice.

The Xbox 360's flagship racer is set to be demo'd with Kinect at E3 2011 in Los Angeles next week, showing how Kinect can be implemented in a subtle yet vital way in terms of improving the overall gameplay experience.

Forza, Star Wars and more

Microsoft PR guy Major Nelson shows off Forza 4's Kinect head-tracking feature in a new Inside Xbox E3 video, which you can see right here.

Turn 10's creative director Dan Greenawalt talks about prototyping ideas that use Kinect and shows Major Hryb playing the game.

In addition to Kinect integration in Forza 4, an E3 teaser trailer for Star Wars Kinect has also appeared online ahead of next week's show.