Microsoft Kinect: in pictures and video

Official demo video and product pics of Microsoft Kinect revealed

Microsoft has released a number of official product shots of its recently-named motion controller for Xbox 360, Microsoft Kinect, along with a demo video showing off what the tech is capable of.

You can see those product pics right here. And you can read a lot more about some of those initial games that have been demonstrated already on TechRadar (including a new Star Wars game), along with news on the MTV-sponsored pre-E3 reveal of Microsoft Kinect.

Microsoft kinect official product shot

Microsoft Kinect:

Official product shot

Microsoft kinect another official product shot

Microsoft Kinect: Another official product shot

Microsoft kinect and yet a third official image

Microsoft Kinect: And yet a third official image

Additionally, you can watch this latest Microsoft Kinect demo video to get a taster of what is in store when the new Xbox 360 peripheral arrives later this year.