Kinect hacked into robotic shopping trolley

Microsoft Kinect hacked to create a shopping trolley to help disabled users

As we await the official news on Microsoft's own plans for the future of its motion control tech for Xbox 360, the latest Kinect hack shows how the tech could be used to assist disabled, wheelchair-bound users accomplish basic daily tasks.

Luis de Matos's wi-Go project is a great indication of the practical potential of this type of motion control technology, enabling a shopping trolley to automatically follow a disabled wheelchair user around a supermarket.

Kinect in the community

The wi-Go could allow anyone that is independently unable to push or control a shopping trolley to still easily accomplish a basic supermarket shop.

Using a laptop and a hacked Kinect system, the shopping trolley will follow the user at a safe distance, tracking their progress around the store.

You can see how technology such as the wi-GO Kinect hack could be employed to help disabled, elderly and other people with restricted movement in the video demo above.

Via Engadget and Kinect Hacks