ITC investigates Wii patent infringement

Has Nintendo infringed Hillcrest's patents? Or is this a case of yet more patent trolling?

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) is looking into allegations that Nintendo has infringed the patents of a company called Hillcrest Laboratories with its hugely popular Wii games console.

Hillcrest claims that Nintendo has infringed four of its patents with Wii

The Japanese gaming giant hit back, claiming, "Nintendo intends to vigorously defend this action."

TechRadar has contacted Nintendo UK and Hillcrest today. Both have yet to give further comment.

What came first? Wii or Freespace?

Hillcrest has created its own Freespace motion-detecting technology, and according to its website blurb, "senses motion in three dimensions and precisely translates human motions into onscreen cursor movement."

"When embedded in a handheld input device, Freespace allows consumers to simply point and click to navigate content and application choices on televisions, set–top boxes, PCs, and a range of other digital media devices. Freespace can also be adapted for use in game controllers."