Golden Joystick Awards hits one million vote mark

Golden Joystick Awards hits one million vote mark

The Gamesmaster Golden Joystick Awards 2011 have raced to a million votes in record time, with the gaming gongs attracting huge interest.

TechRadar publisher Future has been running the awards for 29 years, and they have become a tentpole event in the UK gaming calendar.

The flagship Ultimate Game of the Year award will be fought out by gaming giants like Gran Turismo 5, Fifa 11 Portal 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops.


"It's great that we've already hit a million," says George Walter, Editorial Co-ordinator of the GamesMaster Golden Joysticks, presented by Alienware.

"All the time we've spent engaging with different game communities and extolling the Joysticks brand through social media is paying off.

"We're also seeing some surprises in the voting, with a few unexpected titles taking an early lead – it's too soon to say for sure, but we could be looking at a few upsets when the winners are announced."