Dr Kawashima leaves Nintendo, heads to PC

Dr Kawashima introduces yet another new brain training game, this time on PC

Dr Kawashima, the inspiration behind Nintendo's wildly successful brain training series of games, is fronting a PC game to be published by Atari in the UK next month.

The good doctor, so it would seem, is clearly a 'platform agnostic' after all!

Kawashima was the inspiration behind Nintendo's mind-bendingly successful Brain Training titles.

Atari reminded us today that Dr Kawashima was a "prominent Japanese neuroscientist" who personally supervised the development of their new game.

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Brain Exercise with Dr Kawashima consists of 36 quick mini exercises divided into three colour-coded categories to train the three main lobes of the brain – frontal, parietal and temporal – through arithmetic, memory games and puzzles.

For more, check out the game's dedicated website at brainexercise.eu which will also track worldwide ranking's of the best brains.

If you have yet to have been sucked in by Kawashima on the DS or on your mobile phone, soon there will be no escape. Your brain will be exercised. There is no escape. No surrender…