Doritos offers free Xbox 360 game

Free XBLA game launches this week, courtesy of the crisp wizards at Dorito

Crisp brand Doritos is sponsoring a free game offer on Xbox Live Arcade today.

Lucky competition winner Mike Borland won the Doritos' Unlock Xbox competition last year and has had his game concept developed by veteran XBLA devs at NinjaBee (the team behind Kingdom of Keflings and

Cloning Clyde)


The game is called Dash of Destruction, and gives the player control of a ravenous T-Rex chasing a truck full of Doritos.

Three-player dino action

Of, if you prefer, you can play as the delivery truck, or go for the three-player multiplayer option where three dinos go after the van-full of crisps.

While it doesn't sound like the most complex game design concept in the world, it's free. Courtesy of (if you hadn't got it yet) Doritos…