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Xbox 360 to outsell PS3 by 2-to-1 at Xmas?

Microsoft pulled off a coup by launching the Xbox 360 a year before the PlayStation 3. It's established a massive user base which bodes well for the next generation

The Xbox 360 will outsell the PlayStation 3 by 2-to-1 in the run-up to Christmas. That's according to predictions made by simExchange in its October review report. But while you may think that doesn't bode well for Sony, it might not be so bad after all.

You see, the latest NPD figures show that during October, the Xbox 360 sold 366,000 units, with the PS3 managing 121,000. Some simple maths will tell you that the 360 is already winning by 3-to-1. So a 2-to-1 margin could be seen as a bit of a victory for Sony.

Wii > Xbox 360 > PS3

Indeed, sales this month are already improving for the PlayStation 3, particularly in North America where last week Sony managed to shift a much-improved 100,000 PS3s.

simExchange analyst Jesse Divnich says that Microsoft will flog slightly more than 2 million Xbox 360 consoles between now and Christmas, with Sony shifting just over 1 million. She also said that the Wii would continue its domination, with Nintendo selling 3.28 million of them.

That's not too hard to believe, now is it?