PlayStation 3 vs. girls

Instead she is reading the camera... It says 'Memory Card' on the side... I can see her brain working... She opens the camera's card slot and scrabbles with her nails at the card. I'm about to tell her that there's a button that ejects it when she manages to hook a nail under a chink in the card's casing and levers it out without a complaint. (But plugging in an HDMI lead was hard?)

The card goes into the PS3 slot discovered earlier and she instinctively picks up the joypad. She moves the D-pad and the menus spring to life. (Surely you'd go for the stick first - which would have produced no response.)

'Photos' says the PS3. We go past it and come back. 'Photos' says the PS3 again. She pauses... She reads the word... 'Photos'... Then presses X and the card appears. There's some confusion over pressing X again and moving right 'onto' the card ("Why is it buttons sometimes and movements the other?") But she gets about a minute later. Click. Bang. Kitten. Time: 3 minutes 41 seconds

Side note: Just for fun I disconnect the USB charging lead between the PS3 and the joypad. It continues to work. She is amazed.

Verdict: An unconventional approach, but inserting a card (rather than using a USB lead with the camera) totally forgoes the need to turn on and engage USB mode on the camera.

Test 4: Play a Blu-ray movie

I give her the disc (in the box). She's seen this kind of thing before. She opens the box and crudely clicks out the disc (bending it to the point of fracture). "Which way up does it go?" She looks at the on-its-end PS3 and holds the disc up against it... then lays the PS3 on its side and puts the disc into the slot. She smiles a smug, antagonistic smile... but then turns the PS3 back on its end again. She even smiles the smile again. Things are easy from here. Move to the Movies option. Click. Bingo. Time: 1 minute 10 seconds.

Verdict: Good. When you've driven through the menus once it appears that it 'sticks'.

Final Verdict: It's surprising how much we take for granted - that the PS3 needs connecting to a TV for example - but, all in all, once you've done the hard hardware bit the XMB menu - the heart of using the PS3 - is obvious and intuitive.

But let's leave the final verdict to the Missus. So what do you think? "It's all just stupid," she says. Hmm. In what way? "It just is." As we said earlier, the PlayStation 3 is a boy's toy...