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The best PS4 Pro prices, deals, and bundles in November 2019

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So you're thinking about PS4 Pro deals or maybe a bundle? Well we can certainly help you out there as we're always checking out the latest sales.

Maybe you're upgrading from your older PS4 so you can dive into 4K gaming? Or maybe you've never had a PS4 and are thinking you may as well start with the best. All solid choices, especially if you're already set with a 4K TV, even better if it has HDR too.

There are some fantastic-looking games out now to really make a PS4 Pro shine; Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man, God of War, and Detroit: Become Human are all serious lookers and jaws are bound to drop further when The Last of Us Part 2 eventually sneaks onto our 4K TVs.

You'll find all of the latest and best PS4 Pro prices from the big name stores in our comparison chart below. There's not too much difference in price between retailers at this time of year, but we're constantly on the lookout for the latest deals and bundles. Looking to buy in Australia? You'll want to take a look at our AU page.

If you'd prefer a standard PS4, then check out our PS4 bundles (USA) or PS4 deals (UK) pages. Don't forget to top up your subscription with one of our discounted PlayStation Plus deals too.

So keep this page bookmarked to stay informed of the latest PS4 Pro bundles. If you're looking for more information on the PS4 Pro, take a look at our handy Q&A below the bundles.

The best Black Friday PS4 Pro deals

While you can shop current offers below, it's never too early to start thinking about the upcoming sale event, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Looking to upgrade your system to a PS4 Pro? Or simply want to give the console a try with an irresistible discount and all your favourite games bundled in? We've put together a guide on how to find the best Black Friday deals so that you can find all the top sales in one place.

PS4 Pro bundle deals (USA)

Worthwhile PS4 Pro bundles have been scarce in the US for the last few months. The PS4 Pro on its own often goes out of stock and firmly sticks to the regular $399 price most of the time. Some stores have even jacked up the price beyond the MSRP. This long after release, we're not cool with that and you shouldn't be either. As a bare minimum, you want at least one game with the console for $399. We've dug out the best options for the 4K console on its own too.

Refurbished PS4 Pro | $349 at Best Buy
If you're not precious about picking up a brand new PS4 console, this refurbished deal may well be for you. At $349 you're saving enough to pick up a game while you're shopping and you're still getting all the 4K 1TB goodness you expect from Sony's most powerful console. That said, Amazon's price for the PS4 Pro below may justify picking up a new console.
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PS4 Pro | $358 at Amazon
If you don't particularly need any games, but just want the lowest solo PS4 Pro price for a new unit, Amazon is your best shot today, especially as many rivals stores are charging $400. So if you're just after an upgrade from your older PS4, this is a handy offer.
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PS4 Pro | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | $399.99 at Best Buy
With the new Call of Duty title costing $60 at best everywhere at launch, this deal saves you a nice stack of cash versus buying the came and 4K console separately.
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Limited Edition PS4 Pro | Death Stranding | $399.99 at Best Buy
Limited Edition consoles like this don't usually last long at the MSRP.  And with Death Stranding being one of PS4's most eagerly-awaited titles, this is going to absolutely fly off shelves. Some stores are charging $400 for the 4K PS4 Pro with no games, so this is a steal. Loving that unique controller too.
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PS4 Pro bundle deals (UK)

PS4 Pro | Call of Duty Modern Warfare |£309.98 at ebuyer
Call of Duty Modern Warfare is included in this PS4 Pro deal, offering a brand new blockbuster game with your Pro purchase. This is an amazing £40 off the standard bundle price you'll find at other retailers, so grab this deal while it lasts.
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PS4 Pro | FIFA 20 | £309.98 at ebuyer
If you're more football inclined, you may prefer this similar bundle offering FIFA 20 in place of COD. You're getting a slightly cheaper game included in this bundle, so the value isn't so high - but if it's the game you'd prefer to play then why not grab this great deal.
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PS4 Pro | Death Stranding | Now TV pass | £349 at Game
This PS4 Pro bundle costs a fair bit more than this week's other deals with a brand new game, but if you've no interest in FIFA or COD then this is the one for you. It does come with a two-month pass for Now TV's entertainment channels too which is worth around £18.
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White PS4 Pro | God of War | £319 at ebuyer
If you're searching for one of those elusive white PS4 Pro models, this could be the bundle for you. It's coming in more expensive than the bundles that feature newer games, so this really is one you'll be buying for the rarer console colour.
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White PS4 Pro | Spider-Man | £349 at Very
Stock of the white PS4 Pro has been a rare sight of late, but Very has managed to find some units and is throwing in a game for free too. Spiderman has been out a while now and can be picked up for as little as £15, so again really only grab this bundle if you're after the white model.
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Need an extra controller on the cheap? Take a look at the best DualShock 4 deals. We also have a guide to the best PlayStation VR deals too.

Cheap PlayStation Plus deals

If you're buying a PS4 Pro, you'll probably need a cheap PlayStation Plus deal too. PlayStation Plus (aka PS Plus or PS+) allows you to play PS4 games online, along with access to the Instant Game Collection, a bunch of free games for your PS4 each month. The default price for a year is now £49.99. We've shopped around for you though and found a range of prices. So check out our guide of you want the best PlayStation Plus deals.

What is the PS4 Pro?

Essentially, the PS4 Pro is an upgrade of the PS4, rather than a 'next-gen' console. The keywords to take in from the PS4 Pro are 4K and HDR. The new machine will allow game developers to include 4K options in their games, so expect the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Uncharted 4, Spider-Man, Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn and more to look even better on a 4K TV.

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is the other buzzword to be excited about as the PS4 Pro will allow for extra detail to be seen on a range of games and also a wider range of colors not usually displayed by traditional HD TVs.

Will my old PS4 games work on PS4 Pro?

Absolutely. If you're planning on upgrading to a PS4 Pro from an older PS4, all of your games will still work. Not every title will be patched to take advantage of the new 4K/HDR capabilities, but the default upscaling (if you have a 4K TV) will more than likely see some improvement to the visuals and the improved console power may give the frame-rate a boost on some titles.

What else can I watch in 4K/HDR on PS4 Pro?

The PS4 Pro is compatible with 4K and HDR, and the content options for both are increasing all the time on services like YouTube and Netflix. Amazon Prime Video is yet to be updated for 4K content on a PS4 Pro though, so you'll need to check out the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K deals if you want to enjoy 4K Prime.

Does the PS4 Pro support 4K Blu-rays?

No. This was a surprise if we're honest, especially as both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles do. It's a bit of a gamble for Sony, but at the same time, 4K Blu-rays are very expensive for now and many consumers look to digital services to provide their 4K movies and TV content instead.

Do I need a 4K TV to run a PS4 Pro?

No, the PS4 Pro will still work on a regular 1080p TV, you won't get the benefits of upscaling or HDR though. You may see a slim amount of extra detail, or frame-rate boost, but we wouldn't expect a massive leap.

If you are thinking of buying a 4K TV soon, then it's probably a good idea to splash out on the PS4 Pro instead of the regular or new PS4 Slim as it'll future proof you for a while. Be sure to look out for a TV that supports HDR too, in order to take full advantage of the PS4 Pro's capabilities.

Will PlayStation VR be better on the PS4 Pro?

Yes, but only a little. The PlayStation VR frame-rate is better on PS4 Pro and the resolution gets a bit of a bump too. PlayStation VR will certainly work on the older PS4s too, you don't need a PS4 Pro to get involved there.

Does the PS4 Pro have optical audio support?

Yes! The optical audio output has been removed from the PS4 Slim though, which is a massive shame. PS4 Pro owners though will still be able to use optical connections for their soundbars and sound systems.

What are the best games on PS4 Pro?

We've dived through our back catalogue of PS4 games that have received a PS4 Pro update patch to see which ones look the best and have a noticeable difference. Take a look at our extensive feature - The best PS4 Pro games.