AMD delivers Xbox 360 graphics on handhelds

AMD pushes mobile graphics to level of Xbox 360 standard

AMD claims that it can now achieve Xbox 360 quality graphics on a handheld system.

Engadget reports that the company “has announced it has achieved Open GL ES 2.0 mobile graphics technology compliance with hardware that cranks out the same AMD Unified Shader Architecture as the Microsoft gaming console.”

AMD takes on Tegra

The new AMD graphics standard will go head to head with NVIDIA’s Tegra which also holds the promise of high-end gaming graphics on mobile and handheld platforms.

More mobile 360 rumours

Of course, there has been ongoing rumour of a ‘mobile Xbox 360’ pretty much since Microsoft launched the console, with Microsoft refusing to comment on the constant speculation and rumour.

Might this latest development mean that we could hear more on a mobile Xbox sooner rather than later? Who knows? Let (yet more) speculation and rumour begin…