Bug mars Super Monkey Ball 2 iPhone launch

Look, it can do this! But it can't make a monkey roll round a maze in the sky...

A bug has marred the launch of Sega's latest Super Monkey Ball 2 on iPhone this week.

While we were more than happy to see the latest outing in Sega's sublime monkey rolling game franchise arrive on the app store this week, reports are quickly emerging from some users experiencing teething troubles with the game on iPhone 3GS.

Disappointed monkey rollers

Users posting reviews on the game's App Store listing are reporting that Super Monkey Ball 2 is not starting properly on the iPhone 3GS.

One App Store reviewer rickomonwise writes, "This game doesn't work, it keep [sic] showing me a flashing screen on my 3gs, please fix."

We've been playing the game all morning quite happily, so we're alright jack!

However, if these problems continue and Sega fails to make a quick fix, there could be a lot of disappointed monkey rollers out there this month!

Via Pocketgamer.co.uk