250GB PS3 Slim plus Uncharted 2 offer spotted

250Gb PS3 Slim bundles on the way soon
250Gb PS3 Slim bundles on the way soon

Following Activision's recent announcement that it is planning to release a limited edition, bespoke Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 250GB Xbox 360 in time for Christmas 2009, a 250GB Sony


Slim and

Uncharted 2

bundle has been spotted in the wild.

The battle of the home console hard drives begins here!

Engadget was quick to spot the 250GB PlayStation 3 slim bundle for Uncharted 2 rocking the whopping 250GB hard drive. Offering plenty more space for PS3 gamers to store all their game and movie downloads.

Rumour, speculation, hope

And while Sony remains predictably shtum on the matter and doesn't comment on 'rumour and speculation' TechRadar can only suggest that there is a strong possibility these bundles might be in retail stores later in October, which is when the highly anticipated Uncharted 2 is scheduled for release.

Joystiq has also reported rumours that the UK is set to see Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed II, and Gran Turismo 5 bundles later in October for £299. Not bad, if true, as the 120GB PS3 Slim retails for £250.

More official word from Sony as and when we hear.