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Fuel cell technology to be used in Canon cameras

Canon battery
The Canon battery could soon be replaced by fuel cells

It’s the type of technology that is usually seen used in remote locations like spacecrafts and weather locations but, according to Photography Bay, Canon believes that fuel cell technology could be used to power its DSLR range in the near future.

Green fuel

The company has officially issued a patent for a new fuel cell that would be small enough to fit in its camera range and also other small electronic devices. Canon has seemingly got round the problem of uneven power that has blighted fuel cell attempts so far.

According to the patent, one of the reasons Canon is developing the technology is because: “recently, there has been the problem that the greenhouse effect due to increased carbon dioxide rapidly proceeds with global warning, and a fuel cell has attracted attention as a new energy source.”

In theory, fuel cell technology in cameras is a great thing, as DSLRs and the like are notoriously power hungry. One of the main concerns, however, is that a by-product of the technology is water. And we all know that water and expensive electronics don’t really mix.