Nyko wireless 'classic' controller for Wii

Confused how to hold a Wii Remote? Get a comforting Classic Controller instead

Wiimotes are all very well but how are today's youngsters going to develop decent-sized thumb muscles without an old school games pad to play on too?

Nyko is coming to the rescue with the Wireless Wing Classic Controller for the Nintendo Wii. It has a wireless dongle that plugs into the official Wii Remote, giving a rather modest 10ft of gaming range and 30 hours of play time on a pair of AAA batteries (use rechargeables, kids!).

Not a GameCube knock-off

The accessory company is quick to claim that the Wireless Wing Classic Controller has been developed "from the ground up" and is not just a GameCube controller with a new sticker. Honest.

The Wing should work with all games that are compatible with Nintendo's own wired Classic Controller. It is expected to ship in October at a recommended price of $29.99 in America-land. No word yet on a Eurozone launch.