Man makes working Nintendo 'Wii-d'-Mote

Somehow, we don't think this will be become an official Nintendo peripheral

While TechRadar doesn't usually give much thought to gaming modifications, this one caught our eye.

A man going by the name of DHRECK has created what could be the ultimate Wii accessory, the Hemp-Mote.

A sleeve for your Wii-Mote, the device is made from "three kinds of 100 per cent natural hemp string on the outside, while remaining 100 per cent functional on the inside," according to DHRECK's mod-crazy website.


The only drawback to the Hemp-Mote – other than if you set it alight it will cause short-term memory loss and a severe case of the giggles – is that the sleeve is a tad fragile, and "prone to degeneration".

Still, it beats the clinical white plastic of the original Wii-Mote, and is a much better conversation starter – if you can remember the conversation you started in the first place.