Get more green, PC makers told


Analyst company Gartner says PC manufacturers need to get wise to new green directives - or risk disruption to manufacturing processes.

Gartner says companies must pay special attention to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive, that came into effect in July this year.

RoHS is designed to improve the recycling of electronic and white goods by restricting harmful substances in the manufacturing process.

WEEE and the EU

Other nations are also adopting strict legislation. China, for example, has a law coming into force in March. And, according to Gartner, it's even more strict than RoHS.

Japan already has a law. Many other Far East nations will be following suit as well.

Not only that, but the onus will soon be on the manufacturer for the after-life of kit, too. The EU-generated Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive comes into force next July - at least in the UK. Manufacturers will then be responsible for the disposal of electronics.

It's hoped these directives will help stop the removal of old electronic equipment to developing nations such as India and Pakistan, where components from circuit boards and the plastic are burnt.

As well as the environmental consequences, the health of those performing the work on this waste is also at risk.