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Dell unveils Mini Inspiron Eee PC rival

Dell's Mini Inspiron - official launch at Computex next week
Dell's Mini Inspiron - official launch at Computex next week

Dell has unveiled the first details on its new mini-laptop, the Mini-Inspiron - already being dubbed ‘the Eee killer’ in certain circles.

It’s expected that the ‘official’ launch will take place in Taipei next wee, at the Computex show, with Dell pitching it as "the perfect device for the next billion internet users"

The official line today from Dell is this: "Dell plans to release a small form-factor notebook that will enhance an individual’s digital experience. We don’t have any other details at this time."

Rumoured specs

The machine is currently rumoured to feature an 8.9in screen, an Intel Atom processor and choice of XP or Linux Ubuntu operating systems. It also seems the machine will have three USB ports, an SD card reader, VGA output, and Ethernet connections.

Dell is clearly going up against the Asus Eee, MSI Wind and HP Mini Note in the burgeoning budget sub-laptop market.

You can see more pictures of the Mini Inspiron on the Direct2Dell blog,