Dell buys into the Cloud

Dell buys cloud-computing specialists Boomi
Dell buys cloud-computing specialists Boomi

The world's number two PC manufacturer, Dell, has signed a deal to acquire cloud-computing specialists Boomi for an undisclosed price.

Dell has been looking for ways to help its customers access files and services remotely over the internet, and the Boomi acquisition is a key part of that strategy.

Reaping the benefits of the cloud

Dell hopes that Pennsylvania-based Boomi will allow "businesses [to] reap the full benefits of cloud computing."

Steve Felice, president of Dell's consumer and small and medium-sized businesses division said of the deal: "Twenty-six years ago we helped accelerate the move to client-server computing.

"Today we'll help drive a similar transformation with customers turning to the cloud to drive costs down and innovation up."

TechRadar has contacted Dell UK for further updates on the company's plans to develop cloud-computing technology for British consumers and PC users.

Via Reuters