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Asus 'Ultrabooks' to launch tomorrow, UK pricing from £600?

Asus 'Ultrabooks' to launch tomorrow, UK pricing from £600?
Ultra zen

News of Asus' line of slim, powerful 'ultrabooks' has reached these parts, with the company apparently set to reveal the line up tomorrow.

A little bird has told our buddies over at Gizmodo UK that the new range's pricing is set to start at £600, with the higher-spec UX21 and UX31 setting you back at least £1,000.

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Ultrabooks are Intel's answer to the MacBook Air, with high end specs crammed into a thin, light frame.

Don't be surprised if you don't see Asus bandy the term 'ultrabook' around too much though; the company is apparently set to rebrand the line as "Zenbook" because apparently that's better.

Zen garden

The Asus UX21 was the first Ultrabook to be announced, and its higher price tag is thanks, in part, to its aluminium body which, according to Gizmodo's source, ups the price by over £200.

Best not to hold your breath for a Chrome-running machine from the Asus line-up though; the source reckons that although the company has tested Chrome OS on its ultrabooks, the experience wasn't up to scratch.

From Gizmodo UK