Nvidia chips in 200 new notebooks in 2011

Nvidia set to feature in 200 new laptop designs in 2011

Graphics chip specialist Nvidia is set to feature in 200 new laptop designs in 2011, according to its chief executive.

Chief exec Jen-Hsun Huang has outlined how Nvidia is set to feature in new notebooks next year, which will also feature Intel's forthcoming Sandy Bridge processor.

Integrated graphics

Intel's Sandy Bridge processors, featuring integrated graphics chips, are set to arrive early next year.

The CPU manufacturer hopes that most computer users' graphics needs will be handled by its Sandy Bridge processors over the coming years.

PC companies are likely to offer separate graphics chips to those that require a bit of extra graphics' grunt (such as gamers and users that want to edit high def video) until the market transitions to fully integrated CPU-GPUs.

Nvidia had around 125 design wins with laptop manufacturers in 2010, so it looks like the company will considerably grow its share of the notebook market in 2011, with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) being Nvidia's main competitor in this growing market.

Via Reuters