Global PC market is finally on the up

Netbooks are driving growth in the global PC market, with the end of the recession in sight

Global shipments of PCs are on the up, according to the latest results from research firm IDC.

It is a hopeful sign that the end of the recession is in sight for the computing and IT industry, with the back-to-school boost earlier in the autumn prefiguring a longer-term and more sustainable growth in the PC market.

Netbooks drive growth

Global PC shipments were up 2.3 percent after falling for three consecutive quarters, according to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker.

IDC predicts that the market will see double-digit growth in 2010, with desktop shipments staying flat and laptops and netbooks driving the increase in sales.

"As commercial spending recovers in 2010, we expect to see robust growth over the next several years," said Loren Loverde, program director at IDC Worldwide Trackers, in a statement.