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Comet offers 'build your own' PCs

Mesh systems will now be available from Comet

Retailer Comet is to offer customers the ability to build their own PCs through a partnership with system builder Mesh. The chain has a system configurator on its website that enables you to spec up your own system.

"Since 1987, over half a million people have chosen to buy direct from Mesh ," says the company's Sales and Marketing Director Tony Riccardi. "We are very proud to have been given the chance to offer our unique mix of quality, performance and value directly to Comet's customer base".

Mesh says that ease of use is the most important thing about the new system. "Accessing the new system is very simple. Two clicks and you are in. It could not be easier." Plus, we recently updated all of our support systems and the PCs bought from Comet come with a full Mesh on-site warranty".

Systems are available through the site from £349.