Asus Eee PC 3G card, hard drive, optical drive

Asus to introduce new Eee PC accessories - is this Eee overkill now?

Asus risks Eee overkill this week, extending the Eee PC branding to a new range PC accessories reveals that a number of accessories are in the pipeline including a USB-enabled Eee PC external hard drive (the 'Eee Drive'?).

There's also an external Eee PC optical drive (the 'Eee Writer'?) on the way and, lastly, a branded the Eee T500 3G connection card that fits into a USB port.

Eee'd out

We should have official word on pricing and planned release dates for all the above from Asus later today.

In other news, Asus' predicts that the Eee PC 904 is sure to be a major seller for them. For now, we're not sure about you, but we're all Eee'd out.

Perhaps Asus needs to take a look at its Eee branding strategy, otherwise it risks diluting what was originally a superb, innovative piece of computer branding.