Video: Apple's immense new iDataCenter

Apple's immense new iDatacenter as seen from the air, a key facility for the company's move into cloud computing

Apple's new iDataCenter in Maiden, North Carolina is immense, as a new aerial video posted to YouTube shows.

Exactly how big? Well, it's around 500,000 square feet of pure server farm.

The new facility set Apple back a cool $1 billion and is around five times the size of Apple's existing 109,000 square foot centre in Newark, California.

Key to Apple's cloud

The new centre is seen as a key component of Apple's cloud computing strategy. You can see what it looks like from the sky from this short 35 second long video.

It is set to provide the back-end for Apple's moves into cloud computing, with much talk about the possible shift of iTunes libraries currently stored on users' desktops to remote online storage centres such as this one.