UK iPad App Store open for business

Now you can download your apps directly to your iPad. Marvel-lous!! (If you had an iPad, that is...)

If you have bought your iPad from the US, because you just couldn't bear to wait until the 28 May launch date in the UK, then you will be glad to hear that the UK iPad app store is now open for business.

That's right. Apple has rolled out the UK iPad app store in readiness for next week's hardware launch in Britain.

Apple's dedicated iPad store means that you can now download your apps directly to your iPad. No more messing around with iTunes and setting up fake US iTunes accounts based at anonymous hotels in Hawaii…

The advantage of using the on-device store is that you will only see iPad apps in the store – which helps you choose the best freebie and paid-for apps much easier and quicker than before.

TechRadar will of course be on hand at the UK iPad launch at the Apple Store on London's Regent Street on Friday 28 May.

Via Slashgear