The iPad mini Steve Jobs didn't want was Tim Cook's doing, report claims

The iPad mini Steve Jobs didn t want was Tim Cook s doing report claims

Tim Cook has taken a less involved role in product development as Apple CEO, but was the driving force behind the iPad mini project a new report has claimed.

A New York Times report says Cook was hugely in favour of Apple launching a reduced sized, cheaper tablet, despite the late Steve Jobs claiming Apple would 'never' release one.

In the article, Apple board member and Disney executive Robert A. Iger said Cook "thought the world would love a smaller and less expensive tablet."

Jobs, the report said, felt an iPad mini didn't have a market.

Business as usual

Elsewhere in the report, Apple's product design guru Jony Ive says it's been largely business as usual since Cook took the reins from Jobs in 2011.

"Honestly, I don't think anything's changed. People felt exactly the same way when we were working on the iPhone," Ive said, referring to the next exciting products Apple has in the pipeline.

Cook did not participate in the report.

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