New Snapture for iPhone adds Twitter button

The iPhone camera just got a whole bunch more useful with the latest Snapture upgrades

Are you a budding iPhone snapper that wants to share your pics with your Twitter mates at the flick of a finger?

If so, Snapture's latest update to its massively popular iPhone photography app is what you need.

Snapture – which you can grab right now from this iTunes link – just added in a bunch of really useful upgrades to what is already by far the best camera app for Apple's iPhone on the market.

Lighting, previewing, sharing

As well as some new lighting and other new camera features, the main additions are the ability to now share your pics immediately with no fuss or switching off apps via Facebook or Twitter.

On top of that you get a new tap-to-focus capability, improved picture previewing and a number of different colour modes (black & white, sepia, negative).

The Snapture app costs you a mere £1.19, which is considerably less than what you used to pay for a roll of film.

Film eh! Remember that?