iTunes and iWork upgraded for Lion


Apple has today upgraded two of its most popular Mac applications to support the newly-released OS X Lion operating system.

iTunes 10.4 and office suite iWork Update 6 can now be utilised as full-screen apps, one of the 250 new features supported by Lion.

Full screen apps are one of the hallmark features of Lion together with the multi-touch functionality that enables users to swipe between open apps using the Mac's trackpad.

The new version of iTunes is the first OS X build to be created using the 64-bit Cocoa framework.

Resume and Versions

iWork also takes advantage of Resume, the iOS-like feature which opens all apps in the same state that you left them following a quit or restart of your machine

It also adds auto-save functionality, as well as Versions, which gives you access to every saved iteration of a document you've been working on.

Both apps are available to download now through the Apple Software Update tool.

Mac OS X Lion was unleashed onto the Mac App Store on Wednesday and upgrading costs just £25 for UK Mac owners. You can read our Mac OS X Lion hands-on review here.

via AppleInsider