Facebook may be baked-in to next iOS 5 release

Facebook may be baked-in to next iOS 5 release

The next version of iOS 5 may include deep Facebook integration after references to the social network were uncovered in the latest developer build.

The iMore website have done a little digging around iOS 5.1 Beta 3 and discovered the presence of Facebook within the contacts app, alongside Twitter.

The screenshot could represent "legacy code" according to iMore, or could spell full-integration in iOS 5 or perhaps iOS 6.

Baked-in Facebook could give iOS users the opportunity to direct upload photos to the social network, while easier status updates would surely be included


Twitter was, of course, baked-in to iOS 5, while Facebook was left out when the two sides were unable to come to an agreement.

Rumour and speculation would have us believe that this decision led to more friction between the two companies, which began when Apple launched the iTunes Ping social network.