Borders denies all knowledge of Apple 'iPad'

Will the rumoured Apple tablet be called the 'iPad'? Borders' survey company seems to think so

Leading bookstore chain Borders ran a survey on its website recently asking customers about electronic book readers, in which the company quizzed punters about an Apple 'iPad'.

The naming of an as-yet-unannounced Apple device by the bookstore stoked the online Apple rumour machine, with the survey listing as a selectable option, "I plan to buy an Apple iPad (large screen reading device) this year."

Did an eBook specialist at Borders know something the rest of the world didn't?

Apple event next month

TechRadar contacted Mary Davis, Borders' Corporate Communications Manager in the US, who was quick to inform us that the use of the term 'Apple iPad' was not something Borders itself was responsible for.

"I can confirm that a third party who conducts book audience polling included the term 'iPad' in a recent survey it conducted on behalf of Borders," said Davis.

"Beyond this, we have nothing else to share at this time."

Apple has recently announced a 'music related' press event for Monday 7 September, so stay tuned for TechRadar's regular updates from Apple experts, analysts and (the more reputable) rumour-mongers in the coming weeks.