Apple slashes cost of MacBook Air SSD

MacBook Air with solid state drive costs slashed by Apple

Apple has reduced the price of the flash-memory model of the MacBook Air by over £300 this week, from a costly £2,028 down to a slightly more reasonable to £1,719.

Appleinsider noticed the price cut on the ultra-slim 13-inch 1.8GHz MacBook Air that packs a solid-state hard drive, with Apple remaining strangely quiet on the price-cut.

Component costs reduced

The markdown is a result of price cuts to the Air's 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor upgrade and the cost of the Flash memory-based 64GB SSD drive upgrade.

"That means customers can now configure a 1.6GHz MacBook Air with an SSD drive for as little as $2398 [around £1200]," claims AppleInsider.