Apple set to buy Redmatica start-up to boost GarageBand

Apple set to buy Redmatica start up to boost GarageBand

Apple may have bought a small music editing company to boost its own GarageBand and Logic Pro software offerings.

TechCrunch reckons Apple has earmarked some of its massive cash-hoard to buy Redmatica, an Italian start-up that creates digital music apps.

The company's most notable product is the Keymap Pro Advanced Sampled Instruments Editor which it describes as "photoshop for sampled instruments."

However, the company which pushes four Mac-centric products in total, is still in its early stages and only brought in income of about £20,000 ($32,000) last year.


If the reports are true, it may be that Apple plans to integrate some of the features into its own popular pieces of editing software.

Beyond that, it may be an acqui-hire, meaning Apple has taken a fancy to one or more of Redmatica's workforce.

Apple is yet to confirm the purchase.

Via: TechCrunch