Apple iOS 4.3 details leaked by the Guardian

Subscriptions on the App Store incoming

The Guardian is to drop its current iPod application in favour of a subscription-based one, with details of the change posted on the newspaper's website.

On a blog, the Guardian explains: "The new app will have a new price point: £2.99 for six months and £3.99 for 12 months."

This type of subscription-based app is not something that's currently available on the App Store, so it seems that it has outed a feature which will be an update to Apple iOS 4.3.

Considering iOS 4.2 was only just released this month, the next iteration of iOS will probably be a rather minor update.

IOS 4.3 release date

The Guardian says that this change will happen globally pre-Christmas so it seems that the UK iOS 4.3 release date is imminent.

It has also announced that an iPad app is in development, saying: "We're still working through the final features but, as always, we're aiming high and hoping to steal a march on the current news-oriented iPad apps already available.

"We'll reveal more details about this soon."

Via Apple Insider