Apple buys chip maker and app developer

Apple buys chip maker Intrinsity and app developer Siri

Apple has been on something of a buying spree this week, having acquired chip maker Instrinsity and app developer Siri.

Semiconductor company Intrinsity cost Apple something in the region of $120 million according to analysts. Apple has declined to reveal the details of the sale.

Intrinsity specializes in processors for mobile devices, so the acquisition is clearly part of Apple's longer-term strategy to develop the iPhone and the iPad.

Apple also bought chip maker PA Semi back in 2008 and designed its own A4 chip, to power the recently-launched iPad tablet PC.

Personal digital assistant

Apple has also acquired mobile app developer Siri, whose iPhone application helps users find businesses when out and about.

Siri is described as a "virtual personal assistant" that responds to voice commands and is already freely available to download for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch.

Apple is rumoured to be launching a new version of the iPhone later this summer.

Via Reuters