6 of the best 1TB external hard drives for your Mac

The Winner: Iomega eGo Desktop Mac Edition


When adding an external HDD, most of us just want a big, dumb drive for data storage. Iomega's speedy eGo Desktop Hard Drive Mac Edition is ideal. It boasts FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 connectivity, with a bundled cable that lets you connect it to a FireWire 400 port if necessary.

The bundled stand lets you position it on its side, and with its grey plastic finish and front grille, it looks right at home next to any aluminium-bodied Mac.

Two drives make worthy runners-up. Hitachi's LifeStudio Desk Plus offers a great range of features, accessed via a neat 3D browser, but if all you want is storage, it isn't for you.

The G-Technology G-DRIVE is ideal for Mac Pro owners who like matching peripherals, but it isn't cheap.

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First published in MacFormat Issue 227

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