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Toshiba expands its wearable device processor lineup

Toshiba aims to power your wearable
Toshiba aims to power your wearable

Toshiba subsidiary Toshiba America has expanded its lineup of application processors for wearable devices. The new processor, the TZ1021MBG, is an update of the TZ1001MBG, which Toshiba launched in April.

The TZ1021MBG is powered by an ARM Cortex-M4F and can go up to 48Mhz. The solution is optimized for fusing data from multiple sensors in order to provide more accurate wearable reads.

The processor transmits data from external analog devices into digital data. It also enables information to be transferred from digital device to digital device. It holds 8 Megabits of flash memory, which is the same size as the TZ1001MBG, but the new unit is smaller and thinner, Toshiba said in a statement.

Toshiba will will begin shipping the unit this month. Mass production will begin in March 2015.

Toshiba and the IoT

Toshiba has been an early participant in driving the Internet of Things. In August, it launched two starter kits geared toward enabling developers to create web-based applications that promote the Internet of Things and rich media.

By introducing the kits, Toshiba is trying to give users the ability to create embedded development environments to promote apps focused on the Internet of Things and streaming media.