Toshiba's 2.5-inch 512GB SSD card

Toshiba's new 512GB SSD card means we will see SSD-based lappies with decent hard drives in 2009

Toshiba has announced a 2.5-inch 512GB SSD, the latest in its line up of NAND-flash-based solid state drives.

This amazing feat of miniature storage uses the company's newest 43 nanometer assembly process and dense multi-level cell storage to double the 256GB record set earlier this year.

If that capacity wasn't enough to impress you, then also consider the improved performance.

No unauthorised data snooping

Toshiba claims maximum read speeds of 240MB per second and write speeds of 200MB per second. Plus, the drive also has AES data encryption to prevent unauthorized data snooping.

Aside from anything else, this means that SSD-based lappies such as Apple's MacBook Air should finally get decent capacity hard drives at some point in the near future.

The drive will make a public outing at CES in early January, and will be with consumers later in 2009.