Car tech that tells you speed limit

How long till it makes you brake as well?

Vauxhall will include a special camera as an optional extra in its upcoming Insignia sedan which spots speed camera signs and displays the limitto the driver.

The technology, which uses what is termed a 'front camera system' or FCS, will get round those tricky moments when you haven't spotted the sign and are unsure of what speed you should be driving at.

Speed demons beware

FCS reportedly takes still photos at regular intervals and analyses them to check the signs and can give running updates on what speed you should be driving at.

However, MSN Cars' Ian Dixon is unsure as to whether the technology brings any real benefits, telling TechRadar: "I think this is yet another distraction for motorists."

"If you drive, you should already know the rules of the road and therefore the speed limit of the road you're travelling on and not rely on a camera to tell you the speed limit."

We can't wait to see if someone tries to use the FCS as an excuse in a court of law.