TomTom launches interactive map share service


TomTom today announced the introduction of its new TomTom Map Share service. It's available for the new TomTom GO 520 and TomTom GO 720 GPS navigation devices.

This "unique new map improvement technology," as TomTom puts it, allows users of its GPS devices to easily improve their maps as soon as they spot changes in the roads.

They can do this with a few touches on the screen. Via TomTom Home, Map Share users also receive all map improvements made by others, making their maps as dynamic as the world they live in.

"TomTom users can respond in real time to changes in the road network and correct the maps on their TomTom devices accordingly. Thanks to the smart user interface, it is easy to make improvements, such as to mark blocked or unblocked streets, reverse one way traffic or insert new street names, which will instantly take effect," TomTom said.

New way to navigate

TomTom has the world's largest satellite navigation community with over 10 million users. TomTom Map Share is offered for free with both the GO 520 and the GO 720.