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Google rolls out Street View's biggest ever update

Google rolls out Street View's biggest ever update
This street was already on there

Google has updated 250,000 miles of roads around the world with new Street View footage.

The company is also increasing Street View coverage in a number of countries around the world, with more roads in the US, UK, Singapore, Sweden, Italy and Canada getting the nod.

As well as the road tripping, Google has added several new 'special collections' which feature photography of interesting and beautiful locations around the globe.

These include interior images of places like Elsinore Castle so you need never leave your home again, if you don't want to.

Virtual travels

Even iOS 6 users can get in on the updated Street View action thanks to Google's roll out of the photographical mapping to its web app, which many are relying on after the catastrophic communal shunning of Apple's own iOS 6 Maps App.

The new Street View updates are available from today. As usual, Google has selected a few highlights that you can hop to from its blog post, so if you've got that spectacular combination of itchy feet and laziness then you'll be quids in.