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Acer v200 shows satnav virgins the way

The Acer v200 GPS series is aimed at first-time users

If you've yet to buy a satnav kit and think many devices seem complicated to use, Acer has introduced a series of devices designed for first-time users.

Acer today launched the Acer v200 GPS series. It comes with pre-installed maps - either individual country maps or a European map - and can easily be moved from car to car, weighing only 172g.

The Acer v200 GPS devices are operated via a 3.5-inch touch screen which shows the main navigation screen when switched on. You just enter the destination and with one click you're on your way. It also includes a 7-digit post code search to make it easier to find exact locations.

The devices also offer a pedestrian mode for when you have to leave your car behind and walk.

The Acer v200 GPS series will be available in the next few weeks for £110.