Intel set to take on automotive market with new products

Intel Automotive parts
Intel Automotive parts

Intel has announced plans to invade the automotive market with the help of a new range of products, part of its in-vehicle solutions platform.

The plan, Intel said, was to accelerate innovation towards a future of autonomous vehicles through a standardized platform approach that worked well in computing.

It seeks to shorten the time it takes to develop IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) systems by one year while halving associated costs of development.

In parallel, Intel unveiled a project aimed at gathering data about how drivers interact with their cars and immediate environment (including other drivers and pedestrians).

The company's corporate vice president for the Internet-of-things group, Doug Davis, added "Our goal is to fuel the evolution from convenience features available in the car today to enhanced safety features of tomorrow and eventually self-driving capabilities."

The news coincided with Google's launch of a range of self-driving, quasi-sentient cars that could revolutionise transport.