Ford planning in-car app store for games and more

Stuck in an emergency in the car? Ford wants developers to make an app for that!

Ford is planning an in-car app store to allow developers to build software that will run in customisable displays in its new web-enabled cars.

Ford revealed its plans for in-car apps in a recent SXSW talk embarrassingly called, 'Dude, This Is My Car' hosted by Ford R & D man TJ Giuli, and Paddy Srinivasan, founder of cloud computing company Cumulux.

The panellists discussed a host of intriguing ideas for in-car entertainment and other apps, such as games that scored you points for driving in a more eco-friendly way, in which you might compete against friends to see who is the 'greenest' driver.

More interesting journeys

There was also mention of the possibilities of a tour-guiding app that links GPS navigation to Wikipedia to keep you posted on your surroundings and nearby points of interest.

"Instead of having points of interest drawn from a stock database, what if you could have POIs your friends have recommended to you?" said Giuli.

More practically, there could also be apps that contacted your nearest and dearest to help you out in case of emergency.

Via Wired