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Cars of the future almost drive themselves

Nissan car
Nissan hopes to see its cars keeping their distance from each other

We've already seen an advanced car safety system from Nissan that keeps track of pedestrians, so it's hardly surprising that the company should introduce futuristic new technology that keeps tabs on other cars as well.

The Japanese car giant will be demonstrating two 'collision-free' vehicles next week in New York at the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress.

Networked vehicles

While both cars use technology to become 'aware' of their environments, they differ in that one is a showcase for vehicle-to-vehicle communication and the other for car-to-network interaction.

Sensors on both cars can detect a range of situations, from straying out of lane while driving to reversing too close to another car.

Who's the boss?

Alarms are also in place that warn of approaching vehicles from the front or either side and Nissan has equipped each car with independent braking on each wheel to allow the computer to effectively shift the moving car out of the way of danger.

Lastly, the system can also detect red traffic lights and take control of the car to slow it down in time if it decides the driver isn't doing so. And we thought we were in charge.