BT releases brand new affordable fibre broadband deal - but is it the best option?

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Image credit: BT

While there is absolutely no doubt that BT holds some of the best broadband deals in the UK, they tend to fall on the slightly costly side of the spectrum. But for those wanting fibre from the well-known ISP without the high prices, there is now another option to go for.

Introducing, Fibre Essential. This is a package that comes in at £26.99, £3 less than the next fibre package up in BT's roster. It offers average speeds of 36Mb which is enough for most smaller households and absolutely perfect for a single occupancy.

While this is now BT's cheapest fibre broadband deal, the additional £3 a month could be a worthwhile investment for BT's other fibre options. You can find out more about this new offer and the other BT broadband deals that are available below (or, indeed, just a little further down this page). 

BT's new affordable fibre broadband deal

BT Fibre Essential | 18 months | Avg. speed 36Mb | Weekend calls | £9.99 delivery | £26.99pm
Filling the gap of BT's cheapest fibre broadband deal, this package will be perfect for those wanting fast internet without paying more than they have to. At £26.99 per month, you'll be undercutting the average BT fibre price by a few quid a month. For your options from the big name ISP, scroll down to see what else is available.
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What other options does BT have? 

For a lot of people, the extra £3 a month to jump to Superfast fibre 1 could well be worth the money. You're getting increased speeds, jumping to an average of 50Mb but more importantly, you get BT's rewards.

That means a £40 pre-paid Mastercard and your choice of a free piece of tech. With the offer of an Amazon Echo, a soundbar from well-known speaker company JBL or some smart lights for your home from Hive, the additional £3 a month is a cost worthwhile.