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New software masks web activity

AntiPhormLite: surfing the web for rubbish so you don't have to

Labelling itself as a ‘surfing simulation’, AntiPhormLite is a new form of privacy software.

Currently in its Beta stage, the Windows-only freeware, according to its makers’ website: “intelligently self-surfs the internet and generates natural surfing information to confuse anyone who is spying or tracking your internet activity.”

The software essentially acts like a real web surfer but searches for millions of separate items clouding out any software that maybe tracking your internet browsing.

It’s no surprise to anyone that has read the software’s name that it’s a program against target-ad technology used by companies like Phorm.

The concerned conglomeration

Understandably, little is known about the activists-cum-software creators. They are billed on their site as: “A loose conglomeration of concerned individuals comprised of artists, programmers and designers, spurred to action by the drift toward interference in private life by state and commerce.”

AntiPhormLite is available free and can be downloaded from here.