BT Vision adds HD content to rental service

BT Vision is offering The Other Boleyn Girl in HD

BT Vision has announced it is to delve into the high-definition domain by offering HD rentals.

The 1080i films will be available from BT Vision's website for a nice and reasonable starting price of £2.95. This will go up, however, to £4.95 for brand-new titles and remain at £2.85 for library movies.

The long wait

The films themselves will not be streamed but downloaded. Even in the wonderful world of broadband internet, this is going to take a bit of time – and disk space. You are looking at nine hours to download on a 2Mbps connection, with each film around 8GB. Ouch!

At least the download won't go against your monthly limit, as you are actually paying for the content.

The first films to become available in hi-def are: The Other Boleyn Girl, The Hulk, and Babe.

With the likes of Blu-ray and Sky HD all vying for your HD attention, a nine-hour or so wait for HD content may well test the patience of BT Vision users.